Sunday, 3 March 2013

More Fruitfulness

As well as the planting of our vegetables ( ok the tomato is a fruit), there was a natural supply of berries which were already situated in the garden. I assume that they were planted by the previous owners, unless the bushes were there before that and they built the wall around them, which I find unlikely, but you never know. Anyway we had a crop of red currants, black currants and on the other side the fashionable Aronia berries, the now much published wonder food. Aronia, being native of North America, is known as Chokeberry. Not a very confidence boosting name I am sure you will agree but nevertheless

Black currants
we had a reasonable supply which we made into juice. It did taste very nice. Apparently Aronias are a very good anti -oxidant and reducer of blood pressure plus at least half a dozen other benefits. I found this list on the web :-

1) The aronia berry is a great source of antioxidants
2) The aronia berry fights against heart disease and other cardiovascular problems
3) The aronia berry helps prevent blood pressure from becoming too high
4) The aronia berry promotes a healthy urinary tract
5) The aronia berry has anti-inflammatory properties
6) The aronia berry fights bacteria and viruses, such as colds and the flu
7) The aronia berry strengthens memory
8) The aronia berry helps in digestion
9) The aronia berry helps the body produce good cholesterol
10) The aronia berry provides the body with essential oils
So there you go !.

Below I am drinking Aronia juice with breakfast. No, it is really not wine !


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