Monday, 26 November 2012

One Way Ticket

The earthquake hit at 3.00 am a strength of 5. 8 on the Richter Scale. Our estate agent went to see if our house was ok as soon as she could. Thankfully it was ! But in the area of Rudartsi and especially in Pernik, the local municipality there was much damage to chimneys with cracks in the walls of houses as well. People were nervously waiting, aware of the after shocks which always follow.
Meanwhile I was preparing my baggage for my one way ticket to Sofia. After a farewell drink with my friend Andy I went home to my room and collected my bags. 
On Friday evening on the 25th May, I thankfully left my room in Epsom and made my way to Gatwick Airport. It was an early morning flight as usual with Easyjet. I prefer to stay in the departure lounge with a couple of beers or ciders, sandwiches and wait for the check in at about 4.00 am, rather than have a rushed start to the day trying to get to the airport.
I had heard on the mobile grapevine that Jordan was already in Hungary. We made a loose arrangement to meet him on the following Monday at our house where the truck would be unloaded.
I must say it did feel strange. I had visited Bulgaria a few times, I had stayed some months in Greece many years before, but this was different. Emigration and a new life, however long or short it may be.
In rainy weather we landed at Sofia just before midday.
I stayed at the Rotasar Hotel, where I had stayed on my first visit in March 2011.
After a brief rest it was off to Margarita's niece's graduation party.

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