Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jordan Arrives

On the following Monday we arranged to meet Jordan at the house in Rudartsi. The weather was still wet which is somewhat unusual for the end of May.  The owners had very kindly allowed us to store all the furniture etc. in the garage and even in part of the house. They were due to move out the following week. We had to arrange the final payment for the house and legal documentation, which would take place in Pernik at the Notary and Piraeus Bank later that week.
Mihail, Georgi, Mariujan and Genny gradually congregated at various places in Sofia, and after a beer off we went in Mihail's car to Rudarci.
Jordan arrived a short time later. I did admire his driving. He reversed the enormous juggernaut the whole length of our road with great precision and we began to unload. The photo below, taken from the hill behind the house shows part of Jordan's blue truck. 
I only had one disappointment with Jordan in that he was tempted by the cider I had bought in England. He had finished five of the bottles on the way. 
It took about two hours to unload and stack everything and Jordan went on his way. Then we sat down to coffee and chocolate with the owners outside on the terrace and I threw in a bottle of cider to give them a taste. I was surprised to learn that despite the masses of apples grown in Bulgaria each year they don't make cider. They import a small sweet variety but that is all.
We left the house in the late afternoon and went for the first time to the Mladost Restaurant in the centre of the village. There I had my first taste of Shkembe which is tripe. It reminded me of Lancashire where I used to eat tripe many years ago but cooked in a completely different way. There is also Shkembe soup which is accompanied by chili pepper seeds and garlic vinegar.
So after all the months of moving my things from home in Ewell to the storage and then the long trip to Bulgaria, the next stage had been completed. It was now back to stay in Sofia at the hotel for the next two days and then another week or so at Mihail's apartment before we finally moved in on 10th. June.

Shkembe Soup

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